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Shutdown Information


Updated list as of September 30th

Resources to Help National Guardsmen in a Government Shutdown

Washington DC: Capitol Area Food Bank: Capital Area Food Bank: The Capital Area Food Bank is the largest food bank in the Washington, D.C. area. They provide food to over half a million area residents every year. They are prepared to provide groceries at pop-up locations for federal employees as soon as next week (week of 10/1).

How to Apply for Unemployment Benefits in your State

Government Shutdown Resources for Contractors

What to do if a federal government shutdown stops your paycheck - WaPo

DC-area credit unions planning shutdown relief programs for government workers

Government shutdown guide: From SNAP benefits to Social Security, 8 key ways your money could be impacted

Help available for DAF Airmen, Guardians, civilians in event of lapse in appropriations

Awesome Resources for Furloughed Workers

Get the Financial Help You Need During the Government Shutdown

OPM Frequently Asked Questions During a Lapse in Appropriations

Agency Contingency Plans | OMB | The White House

FedUpward Podcast: Shutdown Resources, News Sources and Discount

Federal Workers Government Shutdown

FAQ on Government Shutdowns

Federal Government Shutdown - Impact on Contractors

More Shutdown Advice for Contractors

Guide to Federal Employee Pay and Benefits During a Shutdown

Shutdown Impact on FEHB

Shutdown Will Not Impact Retirement Services

Businesses Offering Help (Sept. 2023 list)

Businesses Offering Help (June 2023 list)

USAA Government Shutdown Assistance

Businesses Offering Help During the 2018-2019 Shutdown (worth checking if your bank/service provider was on this list to ask if they plan to assist again in the same way):

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Business Allies

Below are the businesses that helped during the 2018-2019 Government shutdown. In case of another Federal Government shutdown in 2023, it is a possibility that they will help us once again. 

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