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Our Story

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The 2019 Furlough was a hard hit to many Federal workers. Out of the 35 days of chaos, FedFam emerged as the premiere Facebook group where Federal Employees and Contractors could find resources and help.   From this group, multiple state groups were created and more help was provided at the state level.

Now that the furlough is over, but not forgotten, FedFam's mission, as a non-profit is to continue to support our members through the four tenants that FedFam subscribes to: 

Connections: Getting to know other Federal Workers and Contractors.

Outreach: Changing the perception and narrative about Federal Workers and Contractors.

Resources: Continue to provide financial assistance and help when needed.

Wellness: Work on the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal, and one    that can make us better Federal Employees and Contractors overall. 

FedFam is rooted in the hard work and sacrifices of federal civil servants, which lead to the creation of our motto:  "A Family Rooted In Service."  


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